Tampografia a printing alternatives


With thirty years of experience, we guarantee technical mastery, marketable ability, and management competence. However, it is the constant listening to the market, the infinite desire to satisfy it. It has made Serigrafia ingenious and busy company capable of delivering the services of solutions for every need. In highly aggressive industries such as those of increasingly more vital luxury-goods, In.deco Serigrafia hasbeen competent to draw from the changes of energy to revive itself and renovate the concept of the media. Indeco isn’t just hot flashes, UV screen printing, UV coating, pad printing, flocking, 3 d sublimation, and UV metallization. They truly are the orchestra in which every device plays its role for the possible paramount outcome. It is an incorporated means of abilities, and dimensional, complementary and technologies.

One of the benefits of UV screen printing is that the utilizing of ultraviolet colors. In comparison with colors that are natural, UV inks have the benefit of drying without the help of ovens. Another positive characteristic of UV screenprinting is the reproduction of print decorations, be it small writings or logos. The printing acquired is composed made of exemplary caliber on every surface, and the colors switched on the items are translucent, bright, and especially brilliant. Perhaps not only for all these faculties, the brands choose UV screen printing to other printing techniques. Our UV screenprinting has potency, for example automation of this procedure for large quantities, loading, and unloading of items.

Stampa A Caldo printing isn’t a direct printing system which enables one to decorate miniature spaces surfaces that are irregular, and substances that are compact . An cocktail to display printing, it is usually its effective option because of the advances that are persistent. Technological advances enable mat printing machines to publish better an unlimited assortment of products. The gap In.deco manufacturing capacity permitted by the industrialization of internal procedures guarantees that the gratification of big orders at competitive times and costs. The quality levels are ensured by the excellent control, which codes them-and consents their reproducibility with a moment.To receive added information on Verniciatura Uv please see it here

In Deco UV screens printing efforts alone or in combination with other printing skills in a specific production process. A experience”third party” service that’s out of images to storage, from prototyping for delivery, and maximizes the in-service flows for very well competitive times and costs. Choosing our printing solution will likely be perfect for you.

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