Serigrafia printing options


Serigrafia is useable on a number including wood, glass, fabrics, signs, banners, electronics, and much more. Everyone may understand very well what it really is or what exactly are its applications, but people also needs to understand how it works. A lace or lace screen includes a photographically-sensitive emulsion coating. The initial sheet of BoPET, (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) usually known by its brand name Mylar, is attached to the silk screen. After which they are secured to a exposing unit which exposes the silk-screen to High Intensity light. The light hardens the photographically-sensitive emulsion except at which the Mylar is obstructing the light. The silk screen is subsequently washed and ready to own paint or ink implemented.

The screen has been first created by stretching a fabric (e.g., silk) over a frame of aluminum or wood. The image is first drawn (manually or using applications ) on plastic or paper, or caught in a photograph. It is cut out to make a stencil. The stencil is connected with the screen. Areas of the screen net are obstructed with a watertight masking medium. The distances turned into the regions of the last image.


In exceptionally competitive sectors of luxury goods, the Serigrafia Company has been able to draw the alters the power to revive the people and renew the very concept of this press. It does an excellent job in understanding the needs of its customers, always choosing the printing services acceptable to fulfill your own requests. Synthetic threads are usually being used in the screenprinting process. The very popular net in general use is of lace. You’ll find special-use mesh materials of nylon and stainless steel available to this screen-printer.

Now businesses are currently operating on ink that conducts electricity. When combined with Serigrafia, it brings a whole new universe of chances about. Screen printing continues to be a fantastic way of creating prints that are fantastic. It is irrelevant if one desires to manage business merchandise or school projects. Screen printing is always a simple yet efficient way of creating perfect designs that are screenprinted.

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